Our Customized Treatments

Nowadays, the combination of a clinical approach to personalized cosmetic treatment, pure, concentrated, almost raw products, complex formulas and original and rigorous treatments is the foundation of the reputation for efficiency of Biologique Recherché Methodology.

Biologique Recherché personalized treatments are now available in more than 70 countries in cosmetic and medical strongholds which exclusively distribute the brand's treatment methods and products.


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Our exceptional personalized care will help to prepare and cleanse the epidermis for the restoration of its natural regeneration properties. All Biologique Recherché treatments are designed to leave the complexion beautiful and radiant.


Drawing from its facial care expertise, Biologique Recherché has extended its personalized approach to the body to detoxify, refine, reshape and tone the body, regain a harmonious figure, smooth skin and lighter legs.


The hair is structurally similar to the face and body, yet it possesses its own very unique features. Most hair problems are the result of an imbalance of the scalp’s pH, which nourishes the hair bulb. Biologique Recherché has applied its know-how of skin care to hair care to produce a cutting edge range of products and treatments. The result is a full, shiny head of healthy hair.